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Greg is a Certified General Accountant, a Certified Fraud Examiner and in 2012 was awarded Fellowship in the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Greg has over 12 years’ experience as …


frank maloney   MBA,CPCC

Frank has over 25 years experience in coaching, speaking and writing. He has achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and an MBA in Strategy. He has had a very successful …


"Motorcycling: A Lifelong Passion"

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An engaging and heartfelt written and full color pictorial celebration of 2 Canadian men’s lifelong passion and adventures motorcycling.


Frank Maloney, MBA, CPCC and Greg Powell, CGA are fervent motorcyclists who share the two-wheeled dream. This book is as relevant to hard-core veterans as it is to novices and those curious about getting involved in the passionately exciting lifestyle and community and family found in motorcycling.


A unique book combining facts, color pictures and a motorcycle adventure story! An engaging colorful reading adventure as perfect for a coffee table or side case. Additionally, it makes a one of a kind memorable gift for anyone.


Now… your wonderful book. I am waiting for your next one. Your writing style and voice are endearingly intimate. After the first few chapters, you pulled me in with the adventure… my God… how did you ever do such a trip… and your candor. Nothing more tiresome than reading a book by someone who is so full of themselves that they leak unpleasantly into the prose. Your stories were real… without bravado. Also, I particularly enjoyed the “Marie thread”. You did that very well.

Greg… you have completed a very good piece of work. I had a short story published in “The Best American Mystery Short Stories” (2008).  I tell you this by way of recognizing your effort and talent. The hardest thing about writing is being authentic… and you pulled it off.

You and Frank should be proud.

“The Americans”

From the moment Frank states “…Ready. Begin!”  And so I did, this book captivates.  Frank and Greg excite the passion that is within each of us.  We need only find our own motivations, ones that inspire, and the world thus unfolds around us.

Tom Supra

Read the 1st dozen or so pages last night and hooked all ready!

M. Stevenson

I am a patient in palliative care. This is the first time in my life that I’ve not been able to put a book down. Greg’s stories of adventures, antidotes of others and Frank’s tidbits of information, spiced with classic bikes kept me up all night until the last page.

I’ve been a bike rider for 60 years, this book will revive and warm your spirit to ride. Thank you Greg and frank for sparking my enthusiasm again. To the very end I must keep on riding….good for one’s soul. Ride Safe, this was a great enjoyment to read and is a must read!


Stan W.

Your book is a compelling read. The alternating chapters provide just the right amount of tension/excitement, information, and wonder at the adventure. Great teamwork at producing this book!

What a wonderful book!  I read and relished EVERY word, I LOVED every chapter each of you wrote.  The alternating chapters idea is brilliant and provided a mental delight each time.  I learned so much about bikes that -as I mentioned- I am ready to go to the Harley Davidson about a mile from here and drool on the bikes and leather.  Gives zoom-zoom a whole new meaning!

The historical and technical stuff was very well explained and your adventures the perfect foil for each leap of learning.  I have several folks that I’d like to gift this book to –ha, beginning with my Ex and his Cookie, my bikehead neighbor, and a few other folks… AND THIS IS FOR THE GREAT READ.

Must thank you and Frank for your blend of narratives, fabulous quotes, and excellent information down to the movie and book lists.  You did this right, kiddo.

Just lovin’ it


Oh, I DID burst out laughing a lot – the quotes were terrific.  My only breaks were quick runs down to the laundry and back to read.  total wow


Jane Rose

“I have been riding motorcycles for 50 years and I thoroughly enjoyed Franks trip down memory lane with all the great pictures and motorcycle history. Greg’s trip to South America was a wonderfully fresh view of other cultures, up close and sometimes very personal!”

V. Johnstone